Learn about 200G optical interconnection solutions in 1 minute

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Learn about 200G optical interconnection solutions in 1 minute

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At present, there are two mainstream solutions for 200G optical interconnection, namely 200G QSFP56 and 200G QSFP-DD. What is the difference between them?

1 standard

QSFP-DD complies with IEEE802.3bs and QSFP-DD MSA standards, QSFP56 complies with IEEE 802.3cd, IEEE 802.3bs and QSFP56 MSA.

2 Package form and modulation technology

The QSFP56 package has 4 transmitting and receiving ports, each channel has a transmission rate of up to 56Gbps, and the modulation method is PAM4, which is a common solution for 200Gb/s.

QSFP-DD uses 8 channels, each with a rate of up to 25Gb/s (NRZ modulation) or 50Gb/s (PAM4 modulation), and aggregation provides solutions up to 200Gb/s or 400Gb/s.

To achieve the same signal transmission capability, the symbol rate of the PAM4 signal only needs to reach half of the NRZ signal, so the loss caused by the transmission channel is greatly reduced.

3 architecture

The 200G QSFP56 uses a mainstream digital signal processor (DSP) solution, and the 200G QSFP-DD uses a full architecture solution.

4 laser

Both QSFP-DD and QSFP56 use VCSEL lasers, which are small in size and easy to integrate. The current coupling efficiency with multimode fibers can reach 90%.

5 compatibility

QSFP-DD is backward compatible and supports existing QSFP+/QSFP28/QSFP56 packaged modules or connectors to be inserted into QSFP-DD ports. QSFP56 supports backward compatibility with QSFP+/QSFP28.

In short, the QSFP-DD package has been technically upgraded on the basis of continuation of the previous package advantages, which has increased the bandwidth and can better meet the needs of large-bandwidth network applications. At the same time, backward compatibility can effectively reduce equipment replacement and save network upgrade costs.
XCH Communication 200G Solution

With the increasing development of machine learning and HPC cloud today, customers’ requirements for network performance have reached the extreme. The high performance, network computing capabilities and network self-repair capabilities of the InfiniBand HDR 200Gb/s interconnection solution will be the future of the intelligent cloud computing center. Key technology.

XCH Communications’ 200G AOC products can provide a new generation of low-cost, low-power, high-density, and high-speed solutions for data centers and 200Gb/s InfiniBand HDR applications, while 200G DAC products can meet the needs of 200Gb/s InfiniBand EDR and high-speed data centers , Applied to the interconnection of computer data centers and cloud servers.
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• 200G QSFP56 to 2x100G QSFP28 AOC
• 200G QSFP56 DAC
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