About Us
Xuchuan Telecom is established on 2006 years, focus on best-in-class products and comprehensive FTTX solutions, site (LTE) solutions and data center solutions to domestic and international telecom operators, ICT equipment manufacturers and network integrators. Our product portfolio includes GPON/EPON optical access network equipment, fiber optic transceivers, home routers and switching equipment. Save time and cost, Strong technology are our core target for our partner.
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Why do we choose Xuchuan Commucanition ?
Xuchuan Communication is a high-tech enterprise specializing in ICT network infrastructure development, manufacturing, marketing and solution services. Xuchuan Communication was established in 2020, a Brazil-China joint venture located in Wuhan, China with over 200 employees, 3 factories and a major overseas sales center office. We provides best-in-class products and comprehensive FTTX solutions (ONU/ ROUTER/ OLT), site (LTE) solutions and data center (SFP) solutions to domestic and international telecom operators, ICT equipment manufacturers and network integrators. We're in more than 130 countries and regions, including more than 10 sectors such as Internet enterprises, operators, finance, education, hotels, healthcare institutions and government departments. Xuchuan Communication will be your best partner for high quality fiber optic network solutions.
What if some Items broken ?
After confirming through video, picture or third party inspection form If it is a problem with the quality of the product itself, we can promptly give customers free product replacement within one week. If it is a technical problem affecting the customer's use, we can provide remote technical support within 24 hours to solve the problem for the customer.
How do we buy these PON product ?
Mainly through two ways, offline and online. Offline: Buy our cargo from China factory directly Buy our cargo from our Foreign agents or foreign offices Online: Shopify onlie store
When will the cargo arrive our client’s hand?
This depends on two factors, the shipping method and our client's order quantity. Lead time. 1000 units with a lead time of 07 working days or less 1000+ units, normally within two weeks, depending on factory-specific scheduling Shipping time. Express: DHL 3-5 working days FEDEX 5-7 working days TNT 7-9 working days Air Shipping: 3-5 working days after shipment Maritime Shipping: 25-36 working days after shipment
If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.
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