Item No.: XCH-311XR
1GE+3FE+VOIP+2.4G WiFi +CATV ONU                       

Modem wireless wifi router
Model No: XCH-213XR
Channel mode: Briged&Route
Multicast:IGMP V1/V2/V3
XCH-311XR model ONU is a user terminal device independently developed by XCH in line with such industrial background. The device has a built-in two-layer switching function and a three-layer routing function. With a compact structure and small appearance, it is a kind of FTTH optical network unit with high performance and low power consumption, which is very suitable for the application requirements of various data services in FTTH networking scenarios of various operators. XCH-213XR is an XPON product that can be adapted to EPON and GPON networks without replacing equipment and firmware.

Support EPON/GPON mode and switch mode automatically
GPON:Compliance with IEEE 802.3ah & itu-t g.984.x standard
GPON:8 T-CONTs,32 GEM Ports
Integrate OMCI(GPON)/OAM(EPON) and TR-069 remote configuration and maintenance
Layer 3 Home Router/CPE features with Hardware NAT, support Multiple WAN, Router/Bridge mode, etc
Layer 2 Switching, support 802.1Q VLAN, 802.1P QOS, Bandwidth Control, Spanning Tree, etc
Support PPPoE/ Static IP/ DHCP
Support IPv4, IPv6 and IPv4/IPv6
Support firewall level Settings, support based on URL/MAC/ IP/ address frame filtering
Support multicast IGMP v2 proxy/ snooping, support MLD proxy/ snooping
Qos supports PQ, WRR, and CAR queue scheduling
Provide 300Mbps 2.4GHz Wireless interface,2T2R external antenna, support multiple SSID Settings,
Support DDSN, ALG, DMZ and UPNP
Provide POTS interface, support SIP protocol,POTS integrated circuit test complies GR-909
Support CATV interface for Video Service

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